My name is Dr. Marisa Higgins, and I am a writer, educator, and researcher located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

As a poor Ph.D. student, I aggressively sought out side hustles to help pay the bills. Early on, I used Upwork, spending hours on the site acquiring gigs and clients. Fortunately, this was before the site became oversaturated, so I was able to do fairly well.I primarily was a ghostwriter for education blogs and websites. I wrote business proposals and grant proposals, and I edited many, many cover letters and resumes.

As the cost-of-living increased in my area, I began working as an adjunct at multiple schools and tutoring to keep myself afloat during the final stretch of my degree. This meant that writing got pushed to the wayside for a bit.

After finishing my degree, I found my way back into the freelance writing world.