About Me

My name is Dr. Marisa Higgins, and I am a writer and educator located in Knoxville, Tennessee. I completed my PhD in English from the University of Tennessee, and afterwards, I decided to call Knoxville home. I offer services as a Content Writer, Course Creator, Coach/Consultant, and SEO Copywriter. 

I grew up in a tiny town in North-Central West Virginia, and like many of my generation, I was encouraged to pursue higher education as a way out of poverty.

My grandmother fostered my love for reading and libraries. My mother instilled me with grit, persistence, and passion. My grandparents encouraged experiential learning and an entrepreneurial spirit. In many ways, I lacked, but I can still point to these aspects as crucial in my intellectual and academic journey. 

My Educational Journey

At 16, I blindly decided to get a PhD and become a college professor. With little knowledge about college except from my GearUp experiences, I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into. My family, with no college experience, encouraged me to follow my dreams—the millennial plight. I started my undergraduate at Fairmont State University, where I double majored in English and French (my French knowledge: un peu). In 2015, I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina to pursue my Master of Arts in English.

It was at UNCW that I really came into myself and started thinking about was/is meaningful to me—and how to turn my passions into research. After being introduced to Spatial Theory and Mobility Studies, I realized that my experience as a dancer could be linked to the study of literature. I wrote a thesis about modern dance and modernism and started applying to PhD programs.

Many professors attempted to dissuade me from getting a PhD with the rallying cry: "There are no jobs!" I wish I would've heeded their advice, but recall that my mom instilled me with grit and persistence, so I wasn't willing to back down.

For better or worse, I pursued my PhD and somehow managed to finish it, even amidst a global pandemic. Afterwards I completed a year-long postdoc, and then, I just started winging it, which has lead me to my current work in content writing, course creation, and coaching.

My Work

I continue to teach at the college level while I manage my business. I specialize in content writing (specifically as it applies to online courses and educational resources). I am an experienced SEO copywriter, instructional designer, and writing coach.

My background has informed how I approach the nature of work, the digital landscape, and education: we must constantly evolve and continue to learn. 

I would love to help you out with your next project. Check out my portfolio to learn more about my work.