Marisa D. Higgins, Ph.D.

Writer | Educator 

My name is Dr. Marisa Higgins. I describe myself as a gritty intellectual who excels at creating content that unites communities for experiential learning. Being a lifelong learner and an educator, I am dedicated to creating engaging storytelling and producing enriching learning experiences. As a passionately curious person, I care about unveiling truths, seeking out knowledge, and crafting thoughtfully written pieces.

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Services I Offer

SEO Copywriting | Content Writing | Writing Coaching | Course Creation | Social Media 

    • Expertise Meets Passion: Writing is my job, but it's also a passion that sustained my pursuit of advanced degrees. With a background in teaching and a love for exploration, I bring an inquisitive perspective to every project, infusing creativity and curiosity into the final product.
    • Versatility: I am a Jack-Of-All-Trades—in the best way possible. No topic is off-limits! From sustainability to travel, I thrive on new ideas and concepts. You can expect content that educates, entertains, and inspires.
    • Audience-Centric Approach: Writing isn't just about words on a page—it's about forging connections, prompting a reaction, or motivating an audience to action. With my experience as an educator, I know how to tailor content to suit a wide readership, ensuring your message resonates with everyone who encounters it.